Oct. 20th, 2017 01:42 pm
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No real name. This was an instafilk based on a FB post

TTTO "People" by Barbra Streisand
People who hate people
Are the horrib'lest people in the world,
They're children
Whiny, bratty children
And they're letting their trollish side
Make fun of and deride
Acting more like cavemen
Than children.
Haters are most annoying people,
They're the angriest people in the world
They're on Twitter
On Facebook and on Twitter
They're missing part of their soul
So they attack and they troll
They'll use ALL CAPS and swear
So there is a person
Who hates people
People who hate people
Are the angriest people
In the world

The original song, for comparison, is on Youtube

More delivery problems

Oct. 19th, 2017 09:01 am
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A jacket which I ordered on eBay supposedly was delivered two days ago by UPS. There's been no sign of it. I've notified the seller.

Tuesday was trash pickup day, and from my past experience with UPS, I wouldn't be surprised if they left the package at the curb. I think it's time to avoid buying anything that ships by UPS.

Another Caturday

Oct. 18th, 2017 12:09 pm
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Today there was a different third person in the kitten room with me and Virginia. He did good work, but I'd rather have a consistent team working there so we can improve our patterns of cooperation. There was some confusion because one person came in at 7:30 and fed all the cats, which I didn't know when I started. Fortunately, I found out before getting very far into a second feeding.

The number of cats is down from the summer, and there weren't any really hostile ones this time. One white cat with black spots seemed to be getting around awfully fast, till I realized there were two similar-looking ones. One of them, Joseph, was extremely friendly.

Tiny, who had been shut up in the bathroom (and once locked herself in) was adopted, so now we can leave the bathroom door open again. It makes things simpler, since a lot of supplies are in the bathroom.

Dr. Frankenstein's Music Shop

Oct. 16th, 2017 07:23 am
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The Museum für Musikinstrumente, part of the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, has some really strange instruments. Here are pictures of some of them, from my visit earlier this month.

Photos behind the cut )

In-cider information

Oct. 14th, 2017 07:18 am
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Yesterday I ran out of milk, so I poured apple cider on my breakfast cereal. I've done that before, and it's quite good. In Germany, yogurt seems to be favored over milk.

International note: In the USA, "cider" generally means apple juice with a high pulp level. Unless it's called "hard cider," it doesn't normally have alcohol.

"If I didn't, I know that you would be a wreck, as
You'd never discover what I had for breakfast." — Brooke Abbey, "The LiveJournal Shanty"
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I've made occasional progress on my book project Yesterday's Songs Transformed, and recently I've completed a good chunk on song transformations during the American colonial period. The Puritans in Boston liked to rewrite Psalms to ballad meter, which means you can sing them to "Banned from Argo." William Billings wrote "By the Rivers of Watertown."

I've posted an excerpt to my blog on "Yankee Doodle" in its various versions. You might find it interesting. The curious thing is that there really isn't any "patriotic" version of the lyrics. It was a song mocking the colonists, but the revolutionaries just adopted it whole.

September 2017 Bookpost

Oct. 12th, 2017 09:17 pm
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Short list for September, even though the month started with a Labor Day weekend trip to visit my father and stepmother in their new Florida digs. You might think I'd have more reading time on a pair of flights and a few days of lounging around in the sun. If so, you are not a current or former parent of an attention-demanding toddler...

90. Veniss Underground, Jeff VanderMeer

91. Nausicaa: The Ultimate Collection: Vol 3, Hayau Miyazaki (graphic novel/manga)

92. Clarkesworld #132 (September 2017)

93. Lightspeed #88 (September 2017)

94. Apex Magazine #100 (September 2017) - The magazine that brought us fine stories from Amal El-Mohtar, Jennifer Pelland, Rachel Swirsky, Lavie Tidhar, Catherynne Valente, Ursula Vernon and many others reaches its 100th issue.

95. Beginnings (Worlds of Honor #6), David Weber, Charles Gannon, Joelle Presby & Timothy Zahn - I've enjoyed the Honorverse enough over the years that I am willing to put up with its failings. That being said, I could not figure out how Gannon's story fit into the universe at all. Zahn's either at first, though it's set on Manticore. (Looking at the Honorverse Wikia, I see it sets up a prequel trilogy). On the flip side, Weber's story of Alfred Harrington and Allison Chou's first meeting almost by itself makes up for the weaker stories.

96. The Ode Less Travelled, Stephen Fry - The English comedian, actor and writer presents an introduction to poetry and basic poetic forms. I started this one late last year, got a third of the way through, and finally circled back to finish it. The basic forms are illustrated by notable examples, which the reader is encouraged to read aloud (at least in one's head, if not aloud). Writing exercises (which I didn't do) are also included. I took my time reading it, both last year and in finishing, which is also part of the reason I made it through fewer books.

Caturday: Three's a crowd

Oct. 11th, 2017 11:11 am
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After three weeks, there were a lot of changes in the population of the Kitten Room. Orchard is still there. He's described as "loving and cuddly," and usually he is, but he gave Virginia a bite when she stopped petting him. She took care of it, and hopefully it won't get infected.

A third person was added to the kitten room to make sure we got done by eleven. (Interestingly, no one seems to have heard of this alleged rule that all volunteers must be out by eleven!) Lisa isn't every experienced, so I was worried she'd actually slow us down; but she's a nurse and understood everything she had to do when it was explained. The kitten room is rather small, though, so it was tricky for us to get things done without getting in each other's way. Even so, between the smaller number of cats than before and our skipping some steps (like moving cages to sweep under them), we got out not long after ten.

Bongo has been adopted! Yay!

Meme time: Amendment

Oct. 11th, 2017 02:26 am
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Migrated from Miles Vokosigan of FB (who is apparently nolonger in the LJ/DWverse?)

YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: If you could add one Amendment to the US Constitution, what would it be?

Here's mine (warning: it's a mouthful).

Every citizen of the United States of the age of majority is guarunteed an equal vote and an equal share of representation for senators, as well as for federal, state, and local representitives. Accordingly:

1. No Citizen of the country at or above the age of majority shall be denied the right to vote for any reason save an act of rebellion.

2. The states are required to make sure that all citizens are eligible to vote have the ability to vote in both semifinal and final elections, facing no bars such as unreasonable waiting periods, unnecessary voter registration, or unreasonable demands for identification beyond that needed to prove that they are a citizen of the United States (or for local elections, if that is not required, a local reseident).
a. This also means that a means of voting shall be made available to any citizen who might otherwise have problems voting due to residency, illness, disability, or incarceration.

3. Henceforward, the President and all other top executive offices of cities, states, and the country will be elected via direct popular vote of the populace.

4. No bar should be allowed to an equal exercise of the franchise based on any basis except that listed out here -- including location of residence, except that one must be resident within an area in order to vote for their executive officer or representative body or bodies. As such, the practice of Districting for the purpose of determining voting areas is hereby banned; instead, states and all other territories of the United States must use a voting system that apportions representitives in a manner proportional to the voters preferences.

a. All citizens must be able to vote in national elections and to elect representitives to the governing bodies of this nation, so non-state-resident citizens shall be considered as living in the non-geographical state of United, which shall be given Representitives and Senators as any other state.

5. In order that no cartel should henceforth control the choices available to our fellow citizens, all elected offices will also have their final candidates set via public and open semifinal elections, which like final elections, must allow choice of multiple candidates and produce fair and proportional results. Thus, there shall be one set of finalists for the Presidency and Vice Presidentcy throughout the nation, rather than separate and potentially contradictory sets of finalists in the several states. Congress shall make laws determining how this election proceeds, and whether the President and Vice President are elected and/or nominated together or separately.

6. All election days shall henceforth be national holidays, that no ciitzen be prevented by hardship or financial burden from exercising their rights and duty.

Better news

Oct. 10th, 2017 10:28 am
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When I stepped out about 8:45 this morning, the suitcase was there, and is contents appear intact. I never heard the doorbell ring, but it doesn't always wake me up.

Water is running again, at least for the moment.

It looks like a good day for a bike ride anyway.

Update: Today's bike ride, outbound: Kingston, Newton, Merrimac, Amesbury.
Inbound: Amesbury, Merrimac, Haverhill, Plaistow, Kingston.
Total miles: 31.5.
Top speed: 29.5 MPH.
Age: Still Not Old.

Getting to be a bit much

Oct. 10th, 2017 06:43 am
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Current status: No suitcase and no water. The luggage status now says "Delivery process initiated," which is encouraging. It also has a notation, "OK to leave at front door." I'd prefer to camp out at the library today till the water's fixed, but I really should be home when the suitcase arrives.

I submitted a long article yesterday, so I could spend today researching or bike riding if I didn't have to stay home. If I'm lucky the suitcase will arrive early. If I'm lucky the suitcase will arrive.
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